In this video, Rob O’Byrne talks with Simon Bowen about the need for Supply Chain Executives to have a board room environment.

Supply Chain Leaders Board Room has been a great initiative as a follow on from Supply Chain Leaders Academy. We’re partnering with Simon Bowen, a very highly regarded coach of CEOs and an expert in business, not just supply chain.

Why do senior supply chain executives need a board room environment? 

  • At certain levels of senior leadership in the business world and in complex environments such as supply chain, there’s always a need for improvement and innovation
  • Senior leaders need “space” to test ideas with business experts in the room
  • The need to bounce off ideas with peers in similar sized organisations facing similar challenges
  • A space to get frameworks for developing major projects and ideas
  • A lot of traditional education and training programs don’t really prepare supply chain executives for very senior positions

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