About Us

Supply Chain Leaders Board Room is produced by the Logistics Bureau Group.

Supply Chain Board Room was founded by Rob O’Byrne, owner and Group Managing Director of the Logistics Bureau Group.

You might not have heard of Logistics Bureau until now. That’s most likely because 65% of our work is repeat business with existing clients.

Established in Sydney 1997 as a management consulting company, we’ve grown to now have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok.

Logistics Bureau specialises in helping organisations in all industries improve their Supply Chain Management and Logistics Operations. We offer a wide range of services which can be viewed by clicking here… Services

To be honest, our track record is pretty impressive

  • Over 1,200 client projects across 23 countries.
  • Average saving delivered to clients is $1.26m
  • Rob O’Byrne has personally led projects which delivered ‘billion dollar’ savings
  • Our typical project payback fee is under 3 months.

Rob’s passion is helping people in their businesses and careers and so establishing Supply Chain Leaders Board Room was a natural thing to do. The knowledge and experience that is shared at Supply Chain Leaders Board Room comes not only from Rob’s 35+ years in Supply Chain and Logistics, but the rich and diverse background experience of the Logistics Bureau team, plus a panel of invited specialist experts, along with high profile guest presenters.


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