Supply Chain Leaders Board Room

Where senior Supply Chain Executives meet behind closed doors to plan their Supply Chain market leadership!

An exciting concept in Executive and Supply Chain development, born from our 20 years of facilitating Industry ‘Peer Groups.

The ‘Board Room’ takes this success to a whole new level.

Board Room

Get Ahead

Applications are open. To ensure that you are at the head of the queue, just register your interest on the box to the right.

Who is Supply Chain Board Room for?

This ‘limited member’ program is ideal for industry executives who want to:

  1. Get ‘traction’ on their Supply Chain projects that may be failing to meet expectations.
  2. Learn and share with those at the leading edge of their industry.
  3. Gain access to tested methods and approaches for tackling the biggest issues in your Supply Chain.
  4. Get the industry ‘edge’ in a highly confidential and secure environment.
  5. Achieve Best in Class Supply Chain Performance.
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