In this video, Rob O’Byrne converses with Simon Bowen, highly experienced coach of very senior executives and CEOs, about contextual clarity.

The world of senior executives is about the context: Why? 

When we have a new improvement project, we often think the content of the project is the execution of it, and we often think there’s this closed circle of context around it that everybody understands, but there never is, there’s little loops of context and a lot of gaps in between.

The senior role is to have a strong eye on the context so that people executing the project are nimble and adaptive. One can only be nimble if you have clarity of context. The executive responsibility is to provide a clarity. If a senior executive can create a center of contextual clarity, it holds the workforce and project upright.

When talking about getting a major project on track that has gone off track, 90% of the time, it ends up being a conversation about context. Often, getting the project on track is just about getting contextual clarity.

Create a space to have a contextual discussion

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