In this fifth part of our video interview series, Rob O’Byrne and Simon Bowen talk about how important it is for senior executives to see their organisations from the outside.

Why is it important for senior executives to take a step back and do some critical thinking?

One of the critical role of senior leaders is to maintain a relevance of their organisation to the external environment. For example, species become extinct when they fail to adapt. If the species could step away and look at the bigger picture, they see that they’re losing relevance to the environment, and that’s truthful for organisations as well.

When you want to step back and think creatively or step back and think contextually, you actually still need some discipline, otherwise, you drift off.

Supply Chain Leaders Board Room provides the business discipline for business thinkers still thinking about ways to help their own organisations, challenging the business questions but in an environment that is out of their physical business environment at a committed time. In Supply Chain Leaders Board Room, you will also be able to meet with a whole lot of different thinkers in the room who are not emotionally attached to the thing that you’re trying to figure out.

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