If you’re a senior Supply Chain Executive….Yes.

Supply Chain Leaders Boardroom emerged from our experience in running Supply Chain ‘Peer Groups’ for almost 20 years.  These groups were a great success and dealt with overall performance improvement and more tactical issues.

But where could Senior Supply Chain Executives go, for more strategic issue resolution.  Hence Supply Chain Leaders Boardroom.   A members only confidential group where senior executives don’t have to feel like they are going it alone!  It’s hard at the top.  I know.  I’ve been running my own businesses for 20 years and it’s not easy finding like minded experienced people with whom to share idea and act as a sounding board.   In fact I pay a substantial amount each year myself, to be part of a business leaders coaching group….   We all need a coach.

And that’s what Supply Chain Leaders Boardroom brings to you.   Coaching and sharing.

To find out more, feel free to contact me directly.

Rob O’Byrne
Email or +61 417 417 307

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