In this last part of our video interview series, Rob O’Byrne and Simon Bowen talk about using resources smartly.

How do good Supply Chain Executives use Resources?

Really good Supply Chain Executives have a keen sense on balancing internal resources, contractors and consultants which help them get stuff done.

Simon’s very best clients have no hesitation getting their resources from the best. If you think about resources as people, you could think of three really broad types of work that people will do in a change project:

  1. Transactional Work – the stuff that has to happen, the research, the execution and implementation strategy
  2. Intangible, Transformational Elements – the realisation, creative, innovative pieces, turning ideas into action
  3. Catalytic Piece – Who are the people that can actually really trigger this thing? Who are the people that can get momentum?

The best leaders of executive levels should be able to understand where the trigger is, where the thinking is actually going to come from, and who can do it. They are not afraid to get these from the best, they’re not bound by limited thinking. For them, it’s the result that really matters.

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