Supply Chain and Logistics Discussion

Managing Systems Implementation

In this fourth part of our video interview series, Rob O'Byrne and Simon Bowen talk about Systems Implementation. Why do some major IT programs go off the rails? There's this pattern of thinking that people have: buy the right system and it will solve all our...

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Managing People in Supply Chain

In this third part of our video interview series, Rob O'Byrne talks with Simon Bowen about people management. First Who and then What Good supply chain management is really all about people. Really good supply chain managers these days are not technical people at all,...

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A Space for Contextual Clarity

In this video, Rob O'Byrne converses with Simon Bowen, highly experienced coach of very senior executives and CEOs, about contextual clarity. The world of senior executives is about the context: Why?  When we have a new improvement project, we often think the content...

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